Providing financial management services to Lake County Ohio residents who are determined by the Social Security Administration to be incapable of managing their income.

Advocate Advisors

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representative payee

As a Representative Payee, Advocate Advisors provides a valuable service to individuals with mental and physical disabilities who require help managing the benefits they receive from the government.  Representative Payee duties include:

  • Paying for food, shelter and personal needs
  • Monitoring personal accounts for resource limitations and continued benefit eligibility
  • Reporting monthly earned income for those who are employed
  • Filing required reports to the Social Security Administration
  • Advocating for beneficiaries to protect, maintain and reinstate benefits through the appeal process


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Advocate Advisors can help those who need to develop money management skills. The customers served may include individuals with mental or physical disabilities, the elderly, low income single parents, and anyone referred by a local social service agency.  Our strategies include working one-on-one with individuals to:  

  • Assess monthly income and expenses 
  • Oversee the payment of, and staying current with, monthly    living expenses
  • Learn to prioritize needs versus wants
  • Establish skills in personal budgeting and long term planning for future needs
  • Resolve delinquencies, past due debts, and credit collections
  • Teach check book reconciliation
  • Establish financial goals for savings